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Jr. Web Designer

Web Designer

Designed and developed landing pages, microsites, and features for customers around the world.

Experience Overiew

Melaleuca is on a mission to improve the lives of people through their unique products and business model. I was brought on as a junior designer to help design and develop features and experiences for the international markets. Soon after I was given more challenging projects until I was later promoted to a mid-level role where I tackled some of the largest design projects Melaleuca undertook.


After graduating from Utah State University I turned my attention to building experience in web design. I was hired on to the digital marketing team at Melaleuca as a junior designer and immediately was thrown into the fire creating designs and coding features for their international websites. Only months into the role, I was given much larger tasks and projects to tackle.

2013–2014 Agressive Growth

I grew immensely during this formative year and was given some of the largest and most complex digital projects to work on that Melaleuca had to date. These projects proved to be essential in the continued growth of the business and introduced many new site features that improved the experience for thousands of Melaleuca’s customers globally.