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ROI Calculator Concept


Adobe XD

Designed an interactive value calculator tool.

The Challenge

MasterControl customers invest a lot when they sign on and we needed a way to show a prospective customer the return on that investment. I was asked to create an interactive tool for customers to set parameters and see their potential financial savings. This tool also needed to help generate qualified sales leads, so collecting user information was important.

The Solution

I performed some discovery to learn what sort of parameters we could use for the interface and what the journey should be to generate this concept. The tool would provide immediate value estimates with a call to action to get a detailed value report. After initial contact from a sales rep, a custom report would be generated for the user that could be saved and shared at their company. Unfortunately, this concept was never fully implemented due to a company rebrand, but this did lay the foundation for a future tool.

roi calculator concept landing page design roi calculator concept blade design roi calculator concept report page design