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MC Labs PI Posters



Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

Designed and illustrated a series of posters commemorating completed program initiatives.

The Challenge

MasterControl Labs combines large amounts of product updates into a single development campaign called a program initiative and names each after a popular character in alphabetical order. I was contracted outside of my regular employment at MasterControl to create these posters given only the name of the character and meta information.

The Solution

For each poster, I started by researching the most important parts of fandom around the character, recognizable positions, and artistic styles. From there, I used a formulaic design approach to combine vector illustration with type treatments and textures to produce the final artwork. Shown here are the custom illustrations used to prepare the posters.

antman poster batman poster captain america poster darkwing duck poster elastigirl poster flash poster groot poster hulk poster iron man poster jean gray poster kool aid man poster leeroy jenkins poster magum p.i. poster nacho libre poster obi wan kenobi posters pikachu poster