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Home Page Update


Front-end Development

Adobe XD, HTML, CSS, Javascript

Designed an updated home page to introduce a new product sales model.

The Challenge

One of my very first tasks for MasterControl was to update the company home page to integrate a new sales structure for the company's products referred to as "Next Gen" pricing. How do we simply and concisely condense the concept of seven solutions into a single, interactive presentation? This was a difficult undertaking for the marketing team, with a completely new way of selling our products and required that we tell a complex story in a matter of moments.

The Solution

I used our existing brand elements and logo mark to create a series of icons with a distinct active state when selected. Clicking through each product gave a simple overview in the content area with a clear path to a next gen solution landing page. The remainder of the page design provided supporting content to these solutions by appealing to specific user interests such as ROI and barrier to entry.

MasterControl next gen home page update